diavolo (dee-AHHHH-volo!) hot chicken is the creation of chefs mary oreskovich and richard warner - the same spicy couple who brought you bingo burger pueblo, bingo burger colorado springs, the OG hopscotch bakery and the beloved steel city diner.

riffing on the craze that is nashville hot chicken, diavolo hot chicken showcases 12 different chiles and spices for a unique mash-up of piquant and robust flavors.

how did we come up with our name, you ask? mary’s family has a long and storied history with CF&I - an iconic, local steel factory - and at one point the largest producer west of the mississippi!

diavolo coal was a branch of CF&I during the early part of the 20th century, delivering to homes and small businesses in the pueblo and southern colorado region. what better name to honor the histories of family, community AND kindle the heat and passion that make us who we are - diavolo it had to be! 

we are located in pueblo’s pioneering food hall, fuel & iron. melding classic fried chicken techniques with contemporary flavors and ingredients, diavolo hot chicken creates fun and funky dishes for every degree of heat preference. come see us and feel the burn!